Vitamins & Supplements For The Best Immune Support During COVID!

Vitamins & Supplements For The Best Immune Support During COVID!

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging throughout the world, people are looking for the best immune support. COVID-19 has various symptoms ranging from fever and dry cough, with severe symptoms requiring immediate medical help, such as difficulty breathing and confusion

Unfortunately, there aren't any antiviral medications that currently cure or treat COVID-19, so treatment usually involves managing symptoms with supportive treatments. Now, vaccines are currently available, and with vaccination efforts ongoing worldwide, things are looking bright. 

However, suppose you already have relatively mild COVID-19 symptoms and don't have any other medical conditions that put you at high risk for developing complications of COVID-19. In that case, vitamins and supplements might help strengthen your immune system to fight the coronavirus. 

But you should know that no vitamin or supplement can cure COVID-19. Plus, there isn't any solid evidence that any non-FDA-approved vitamin or supplement has any effect on COVID-19. 

Therefore, any immune-supporting effects of supplements and vitamins are theoretical. However, vitamins and supplements are known to boost your immune system. We at PowerPills specialize in providing the best immune-supporting vitamin and supplements to people who need them the most. 

So we know all about vitamins and foods and what you need to boost your immune health, and we thought we should let you know what you can do to protect yourself. In the following passages, you will find immune support vitamins and food supplements that should help protect you from COVID-19. So without further delay, let's check out!

Vitamins That Help Mitigate COVID-19 & Other Illnesses

COVID-19 has flu-like symptoms, which means Vitamins B, C, and D, as well as zinc, should help boost your immune system and fight the illness much like they would help you get over a cold or flu.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C usually helps you fight off a cold faster or ease your cold symptoms if you've been taking it before getting sick. It's an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation, and lung inflammation is one of the most severe symptoms of COVID-19. It can lead to respiratory distress or even death. So if you are healthy, then you can start taking Vitamin C supplements as a way to boost immune support. 

Vitamin D

The primary function of Vitamin D is to maintain optimal blood levels of calcium and phosphorous in the body, which you can get from exposure to sunlight or through supplements and the foods you eat. Getting enough Vitamin D can also help protect you from a respiratory infection. According to studies published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics, Vitamin D supplementation significantly decreases the chance of respiratory tract infections.

B Complex vitamins

Vitamin B6 is responsible for keeping your immune system in top condition. So make sure that you have enough of it in your daily diet. Now you can get your fill of B complex vitamins from fortified cereals or an immune support supplement. 


Its commonly known that popping a zinc lozenge or getting an over-the-counter remedy with zinc can significantly shorten the length of rhinovirus colds. This mineral is known to help with symptoms like nasal congestion, nasal drainage, sore throat, and cough. According to the NIH, zinc is also known to help produce and activate T-cells that trigger the body to respond to infections. 

If you want to see a faster recovery time, then you should start taking zinc supplements within the first 24 hours of symptoms. Now, the average daily dose of zinc is around 75 mg, but if you take more than 150mg per day of zinc, it can cause zinc toxicity and also harm your immune system. Also, remember to talk to your doctor before taking more than one zinc medication. 

Best Immune Supporting Food Supplements

Best Immune Supporting Food Supplements - Powerpills

Now, whether you eat them as foods or take them as pills, the purpose of any supplement is to keep you healthy and your immune system in top shape to combat coronavirus. Again, the benefits are theoretical, but they should work. So let's check out some of the best immune-supporting supplements you can have.


Elderberry is filled with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, and its syrup is used to remedy colds, flu, and bacterial sinus infections. In addition, Elderberry is known to reduce the swelling in the mucus membranes. There are studies out there that suggest that it reduces the duration of the flu, which has led many to believe that it can help you fight off a coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. 


Mushrooms are filled with nutrients like selenium and B vitamins like riboflavin and niacin. These supplements are needed to keep the immune system running smoothly. These are also filled with polysaccharides, sugar-like molecules that boost immune function.


It's a herb, and its roots are usually used in medicine. Astragalus is typically used to strengthen the immune system and treat the common cold, upper respiratory infections, seasonal allergies, swine flu. It's also known to fight bacteria and viruses

However, you should know that there isn't much research behind its effectiveness against illnesses. Now, when it's used to treat seasonal allergies, you should intake 160 mg of astragalus root extract by mouth daily for 3-6 weeks. It was found that doing this improves symptoms such as running nose, itching, and sneezing.


Selenium is an essential mineral that has various uses, including its use to prevent bird flu and swine flu. It's one of the most potent antioxidants around with it known to boost immune function, except in those with autoimmune disorders. They can experience a negative impact on their immune system.


Garlic has antiviral properties that are thought to help reduce the severity of symptoms in colds, flu, or COVID-19 infections. One study showed that people who took garlic supplements during the cold season caught fewer colds than those who took placebo pills. Garlic may even be able to shorten the duration of a cold. Now, it's up to you whether you want to take it as food or as a supplement. 

Licorice Root

According to a journal Anesthesia & Analgesia study, licorice roots are usually used as a gargle. They are known to soothe the pain of a sore throat, a common symptom of coronavirus. Plus, it's known to loosen congestion and reduce inflammation. How you take licorice is up to you. You can chew a piece of licorice root or drink it as tea.

Pelargonium Sidoides

Also known as Umckaloabo, pelargonium sidoides are usually taken by mouth for upper respiratory infections, including bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, and the common cold. Extracts of these supplements are known to help reduce symptoms and clear up the common cold after ten days of treatment. Its also known to lessen the symptoms of bronchitis in adults within 48 hours of feeling sick. 


Curcumin comes from the Curcuma longa plant, commonly known as turmeric. It's a popular supplement and has been for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic activity. In one Molecules study, it was found that turmeric can help fight inflammation and aid the body's immune response. 


Propolis is a resin-like substance that comes from buds of poplar and cone-bearing trees. It's widely known for boosting the immune system and as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, there is some evidence that propolis prevents or reduces the duration of common colds and other upper respiratory tract infections.

Acai berry

Acai berry is a popular superfood right now because it is a potent antioxidant and stimulator of the immune system. Researchers worldwide are already studying as a potential treatment for all kinds of conditions. Its usually known for supporting general health and immune function.

Best Place To Find Immune Supporting Vitamins

So there you go, those are the best immune-supporting vitamins and supplements that can help you out during the COVID-19 pandemic. These vitamins and supplements are the most popular and have the highest nutrition value. If anything can help you fight off ailments like the flu, then it's these vitamin supplements. 

Also, these are theoretically the only vitamins and supplements that can help you with COVID. Now, nothing beats a balanced healthy diet. However, modern-day food habits usually leave a lot to be desired when it comes to nutrition. That's why people look for immune-supporting vitamins and supplements, and that's where PowerPills can help you.

If you are on the hunt for the best immune support supplements, then contact us, and we will hook you up. Also, if you have any questions regarding immune-supporting vitamin supplements, then drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them all. And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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