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Pre-Workout with Vitamin D - Blueberry Lemonade - 30 Servings

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    • VITAMIN D Provides Immune Support
    • PACKAGING MAY VARY - New look, with the same trusted Quality!
    • 175MG OF CAFFEINE- help fuel your mind and body to train at the highest level
    • 3G CREATINE - help support overall performance
    • 1.5G BETA-ALANINE - help support enhanced endurance
    • 1.5G CITRULLINE MALATE - a precursor to nitric oxide
    • BANNED SUBSTANCE TESTED - helps ensure you can trust what you are putting in your body

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Betsy G.
    Yes! This product rocks!

    A couple of months ago I started to go to the gym, and just recently I’ve been really upping my game, and I actually got a trainer! Anyway, I knew I might be over my head when I heard the question “Which pre-workout are you drinking?” from a new gym buddy. HUH? I had no idea what new gym buddy was talking about, so I opted for making an excuse and running away to google what that meant ASAP. I hadn’t been drinking anything as a supplement, and decided to get some tips from my trainer. My trainer recommended this particular brand, in fact saying that ONG products were the most legit. Great! Before I get into the ONG fruit punch, I’ll have to say I was a little bit nervous about drinking it because I started taking these mental supplements and they were working so well that I didn’t want to mess with the results with any energy enhancing, protein filled products. The supplement,  is meant to give me more focus and mental stamina for both working out, and work, and had been working so far. At any rate, I just decided to go for it and started taking the ONG, and yes! It worked so amazingly. It gave me really great energy with no jitters or weird come down, I drank a half liter before my workout and another half throughout, and I felt absolutely great and most of all hydrated. I’d recommend this to anyone, it definitely “pumps” you up!

    Much better than most preworkouts

    Much better than most preworkouts. Very clean compared to others and you know exactly how much of each component is in each serving. Flavor is perfect. Essentially tastes like Gatorade Fruit Punch. It mixes very very well with water and goes down fairly easy. I like that I don't need extra water to get the overwhelming taste out of my mouth like most other preworkout blends. Has just enough caffeine to give you the jolt you need without making you feel jittery right after or have you feeling restless at night.

    I love this!

    I'm in love with this pre-workout. It packs a great punch and gets me out and moving when I need it. The caffeine is a little high for the casual gym goer, but for someone who spends an hour or two at the gym every day or every other day it's perfect.If this is your first pre-workout, I might go with something with a little lower caffeine, just because this still makes me a little jittery on an empty stomach, and my body is relatively used to the high levels of caffeine. For reference, the 175 mg of caffeine is approximately equal to 2-4 cups of coffee, depending on your serving size.Also (because I saw a question on this in the comments section), I am a 20 year old woman and have no problem using this or any pre-workout, at the designated serving size, and sometimes twice daily. The only problem I have sometimes is that I have trouble sleeping early is I take this after 6pm (because caffeine), so I would recommend taking it before them.I purchased this from Costco for $30 for 60 servings, which is a great deal. Visit your local Costco before you buy this online!If this helped you out please leave a helpful vote/ Thumbs up! Thanks!

    Plant Guy
    Been using this stuff for over a year now and love it!

    Honestly, most preworkouts are pretty much the same when it comes down to their purpose.The caffeine can vary of course, but to me taste and flavor are really important. The Fruit Punch flavor is by far the best. I tried a pineapple one too that was pretty bad. I work out in the mornings, so I have a half a scoop of preworkout while I eat breakfast instead of coffee, then take a serving of ON Amino Energy to the gym with me and drink it while I work out. The 2 products work really well with each other. Otherwise a full serving of preworkout before the gym really helps get through a workout.I highly recommend this product and tatses great!

    Ryan Plante
    Optimum Nutrition never fails to deliver

    Optimum Nutrition has been my go to brand for protein powder and creatine for years due to it's high quality no bs ingredients and competitive pricing. When I decided I'd like to try out using a pre-workout this was my first choice and I'm happy to report that it adheres to the high quality I've experienced in other products by Optimum Nutrition.Flavor:The flavor is really surprisingly wonderful, I purchased the fruit punch flavor and its a mild, smooth flavor with a nice amount of sweetness. I especially liked that the mix somehow managed to not have that weird aftertaste you often get with artificial sweeteners, despite have very little actual sugar(2 grams carbs) in the product.Effects:The effects of 1 scoop were moderate, but certainly noticeable and in no way "overpowering". After taking one scoop about ~15 mins later I began to feel much more awake and alert and also noticed a slight warm tingly feeling all over my body which was quite enjoyable (this is a side effect of taking beta-alanine). At the gym I noticed I was able to bang out a couple more reps than I would normally be able to, although a bit of this can likely be chocked up to the placebo effect. That being said I noticed a huge difference in my ability to do high intensity cardio with the pre-workout really giving me the focus and energy to go all out.Aftereffects:While I certainly noticed the rush of energy leaving me after my workout it was by no means a "crash" in fact I felt pretty good afterwards, no dizziness, lethargy, etc.. The only downside is that I workout around 9pm most of the time and sometimes the caffeine makes it hard to fall asleep at a reasonable time.Overall this is a great product at a very competitive price point that I absolutely recommend if you are thinking of trying out pre-workout and will definitely be buying again.

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