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Vitamin D3 - Peach, Blackberry, Strawberry - 150 Count

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    • Bone and Immune System Support[1]
    • Contains NO high-fructose corn syrup, NO artificial sweeteners, NO gluten, NO dairy, and NO synthetic (FD&C) dyes; Non-GMO[6]
    • Natural peach and berry flavors


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Docs Computer Service LLC
    Yum Yum best way to get your Vitamins

    Vitafusion Vitamin D3 Gummy Vitamins, Assorted Flavors, 150 Count. Happy with these Vitamins. Taste is fine its like eating a gummy bear. Great price, Great taste what more can you ask for.

    Easy way to add extra Vitamin D to your routine

    Easy, easy, easy way to get the Vitamin D you need. Tasty with a good texture. They are like soft gummy bears and easy to chew. If you feel yourself getting sick often and Vitamin C is not working out for you, add Vitamin D to your routine, especially if you do not get a lot of exposure to the sun. A lot of people are Vitamin D deficient and don't know it. Adding this to my morning routing has improved my immunity which is saying a lot given how many people (coworkers, kids) I'm around who tend to get sick.

    Peter Lawrence
    Great product & everything they say it is

    I Have used these D3 gummy's for 8 months now, and my doctor said I was very low in D and now says says my test results are now excellent. I did read some reviews that complained that the gumies came all glued together because of shipping in the summer heat. I first bought mine in the spring and they shipped OK. Then I bought another in the 111f degree heat of the summer and was shocked to see that they came in an insulated box with a gel-freeze bag! They were OK and were not stuck together.

    Tastes great! Lost weight!

    Love the delicious fruity gummy taste of these but more importantly, these are replacing the vitamin. D my body has been missing. Mt vitamin d level is 24. I have been laing bone and until taking 2 of these a day, couldn't lose an inch off my menopausal bulge no matter what I did! If you are gaining weight and can't seem to lose, check your vitamin d levels! This could be a secret to weight loss and fix other health issues.

    Yummy! And Good For you, Too!

    I really like Vitafusion vitamins. They taste good, which is a nice benefit. They don't increase my appetite -- another benefit. But, the most important thing for me is that they do not make me nauseous. Until I discovered VitaFusion, I could not take vitamins because they always made me ill, no matter what time of day I took them. That was a problem for me because I am single, l.ive alone and don't like to cook. So, my diet really needs the extra boost of vitamins. I'm very grateful to have discovered VitaFusion!

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