What You Should Do Before Buying Vitamins Online

What You Should Do Before Buying Vitamins Online

We have a lot to discuss with today’s topic: Vitamins & Supplements. Vitamins are our daily needs because, in this fast-paced world where we only munch on processed food or go on fad diets, we are lacking vitamins & essential amino acids. Not only that, various health complications can make us vitamin deficient. Ladies, you need to be more mindful as you lose a significant amount of vitamins and minerals during your menstrual cycle and pregnancy. In terms of beauty and hair, vitamins have proved to be virtuous time and again. Vitamin K makes the hair shiny and strong, while Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) is considered to be a holy grail for skin care purposes. 

Now, you may think everything’s great but hol’ up! We have a slight hesitation. Remember those multivitamin gimmicks? No? Let’s do a quick recap: Much research in the early 2010s showed that those multivitamins were practically useless and did nothing. Also, they aren’t regulated by the government, so all the claims the companies made remained questionable. So, multivits are a no-go!

Does that mean you should stop taking vitamin supplements? No! Because if you lack vitamins in your diet, your doctor will prescribe you the best quality nutritional supplements. Added to the fact more or less every beauty guru/influencer is talking about the au naturel supplements these days. They claim that vitamin supplements do wonders for your health, skin, and hair. But, purchasing vits online is a whole different story! You may want to stay away from false companies with outlandish claims. So, how to find brands you can trust on? We are ready to be your compass in this journey! Today, we will be discussing ways you can order vitamins online.

Understand When Vitamins Are Needed

As trivial as it may sound, vitamin supplements should be taken under a physician’s observation. You know why? That’s because a study done in 2016 has stated that most people aren’t actually vitamin deficient, as they’ve been led to believe. Quite the shocker, isn’t it? Therefore always get your check-up done by your doctor and do necessary blood tests before buying these vitamins. Ask your doctor if you really need vitamin supplements or not. Your doctor will be able to tell you what will be the right thing to do.

Look For Trusted Sources

Look For Trusted Sources - best supplements and vitamins - Powerpills

Once it’s sorted which type of vitamin you need, you now need to make sure you are buying those from a reliable vitamin and supplements store. Therefore you need to spend more time doing the necessary research on the internet. Read reviews and testimonials about the retailers or the online shop that sells vitamins and supplements. Another quick way to test the reliability is to check for a United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) seal or GMP verification. As there’s no FDA regulation of products like these, the USP and GMP seals are the only ways to check the quality.

Quizzes Mean Nothing

While taking quizzes may be a great pastime, do not rely on the quizzes to take your vitamins. They are not supervised by professionals and aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Furthermore, as vitamin subscriptions are fairly new and lack adequate research and testing, their quizzes shouldn’t be taken at face value. The best way of taking your vitamins is always to consult a doctor, remember that. Only that way will you know which vitamins you will need to add to your diet.

Supplement Types You Should Avoid

While gummy vitamins are getting all the applause from the influencers, they aren’t worth the hype! According to an article published by Harvard Medical School, those sugary gummy vitamins can contribute to cavities which is yet another issue. Instead, doctors recommend their patients opt for pills or no-sugar soft gels that can be swallowed. So, be mindful of which type of vitamins you are choosing. The best way, however, is to absorb vitamins and minerals from food sources.

Check For Possible Side Effects

Although vitamins aren’t necessarily harmful, it’s still important to know if they have any potential threats or harm. Even the best supplements and vitamins can have adverse effects. Vitamins can cause side effects if you are already taking medicines for certain health issues. You also need to understand the risk of vitamins and supplement overdose. Therefore, it’s wise to read the medicine description first and then take the vitamins accordingly. And don’t exceed the recommended dose given on the supplement as it may do more harm to your body than good.


So, yeah, that’s pretty much everything we wanted you to know. So, your first cue is to go to a doctor and get blood tests done. Then search for a verified online/offline store you can buy vitamins from. Stay away from gummy vitamins or overdosing on vitamins, as both are harmful to your health. And always ensure products with USP seal. That’s it! Oh, if you are searching vitamin and supplements stores near you, check out Powerpills.

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